Our data driven investment process leverages the team’s significant expertise.

The team’s background in basic science, clinical development and commercialisation allow the team to form a holistic view of an opportunity, without disproportionally emphasising any single aspect. This applies not only to the initial investment, but also at each subsequent investment round.

We have a hands-on approach, often taking operational roles, and work in partnership with the management teams of our companies to deliver the best results.

Proactive search by Syncona team for appropriate assets


What we look for in a scientific asset

Key decision-making factors

  • Intellectual property
  • Globally leading academics
  • Technology

Our disciplined investment approach

  • Assess probability of success for the product’s approval, taking account of benchmarks if relevant or appropriate
  • Write business plan and develop plan to build out team and operational capability
  • For each new investment, the Syncona Investment Committee assesses capital invested across the portfolio to ensure it is diversified and well-balanced
  • Analyse competitive landscape
  • Assess the long-term capital requirements and key risks and value inflection points
  • Team undertakes rigorous returns analysis
  • Analyse all academic literature and data available

Hands on build out: scaling our companies for success

  • Ongoing evaluation of emerging data and analysis of evolving competitive landscape
  • Continued disciplined allocation of capital