Our investment process leverages the team’s significant expertise.

Our team’s background in basic science, clinical development and commercialisation enables a holistic understanding of the opportunity, from the scientific basis through to the commercial opportunity. More specifically, the Syncona team conducts a rigorous returns analysis for existing investments ahead of each portfolio company financing round, and re-evaluates the original investment thesis.

We have a hands-on approach, often taking operational roles, and work in partnership with the management teams of our companies to deliver the best results.

Data driven investment process

  • Proactive search by team for investable therapeutic areas, technology and appropriate assets 

Ideal characteristics of a scientific asset

Other key decision-making factors

  • Intellectual property
  • Globally leading academics
  • Technology

Our disciplined investment approach

  • Investment Committee assessment of capital invested across the portfolio to ensure it remains diversified and well balanced
  • Assess probability of success for the product’s approval, taking into account benchmarks if relevant or appropriate
  • Write business plan and develop plan to build out team and operational capability
  • Analyse competitive landscape
  • Assess the long-term capital requirements, key risks and value inflection points
  • Undertake rigorous returns analysis
  • Analyse all academic literature and data available

Hands on build out: scaling our companies for success

  • Ongoing evaluation of emerging data and analysis of evolving competitive landscape
  • Continued disciplined allocation of capital