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March 2014
First meeting between UCL, Prof Amit Nathwani and Syncona, as part of Syncona’s systematic review of gene therapy opportunities.
H2 2014
Syncona engages in deep due diligence into the field of systemic gene therapy and develops the company’s strategy together with founder Prof Amit Nathwani.
May 2015
Syncona founds Freeline Therapeutics with a £25m Series A financing.
May 2015 to Jan 2016
Syncona recruits Freeline’s management team including Chief Development Officer, Chief Technology Officer and SVP Head of Clinical and Regulatory
Aug 2015
Freeline acquires gene therapy manufacturing platform from Rentschler Biotechnologie and recruits experienced team into Munich subsidiary.
Q1 2016
Freeline’s Munich manufacturing process capability fully commissioned and operational.

Company Details


Gene therapy for blood disorders

Fully diluted ownership


Value of Syncona holding

£31.0m (as at 31 August 2017)


Freeline Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of liver-directed gene therapies, based on the pioneering work of Professor Amit Nathwani at the University College London Royal Free Hospital.

The Company’s most advanced program is a treatment for haemophilia B, a rare disorder associated with deficiency in a blood clotting factor, that causes painful, crippling bleeding in patients joints. Patients currently require life-long treatment with concentrates of clotting factor administered intravenously on an on-demand or prophylactic basis.

Freeline’s world-class technology could replace the need for chronic enzyme treatment in genetic diseases such as haemophilia B with a single injection, providing the possibility of long-term disease modification.


Anne Prener

Syncona Representatives
  • Chris Hollowood
  • Dominic Schmidt
  • Prof. Amit Nathwani