OMass Announces Publication in Nature Methods

OMass Therapeutics (“OMass”), a biotechnology company harnessing native mass spectrometry to drive drug discovery in high definition, announces the publication of a novel, highly enabling native mass spectrometry approach that marks a significant technical advance in the field. In this study OMass scientists, in collaboration with researchers from Oxford University, the Karolinska Institute and Thermo Fisher Scientific, describe the development of a top-down mass spec methodology. The development allows definition of the lipidome/metabolome in contact with the protein complex of interest and was supported by MD simulations carried out at the University of Southampton. The development of the new tribrid Orbitrap MS instrument was the result of OMass and Oxford university scientists working closely with a team at Thermo Fisher Scientific. The article was published in the 5th May 2020 print issue of Nature Methods.


Joint OMass Founders, Dr Idlir Liko and Dr Hsin-Yung Yen, Director of Technology and Director of Biology respectively, worked in collaboration with Dr Joseph Gault, OMass consultant, and Prof. Dame Carol Robinson’s research group at the University of Oxford.

“This study not only highlights the exciting potential of novel native MS technologies but also demonstrates our continued commitment to technology development and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with our platform,” said Ali Jazayeri, Chief Scientific Officer, OMass Therapeutics. “Application of these advances to our drug discovery efforts, in combination with additional in-house developments such as proprietary native MS compatible chemical libraries and probes, will certainly enhance the capabilities of our platform and create further differentiation and competitive advantage. Such technical advances require significant team work and collaboration and we are delighted to continue to work alongside Professor Dame Carol Robinson and her talented team at Oxford University as well as working with leading MS manufacturers.”

“Nature Methods selects publications based on their ability to demonstrate novel approaches to challenging and high-interest problems in basic biology research, enabling researchers to explore new corners of biology,” commented Professor Dame Carol Robinson, Founder & Scientific Advisor, OMass Therapeutics. “This publication thereby recognises the significant potential of high definition, native mass spectrometry to drug development.”

The full manuscript "Combining native and 'omics' mass spectrometry to identify endogenous ligands bound to membrane proteins" can be found here

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