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Autolus is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of precisely targeted, controlled and highly active T effector cell therapies that are designed to offer cancer patients substantial benefits over existing standard of care.

Autolus is founded on advanced cell programming technology pioneered by Dr Martin Pule and was spun-out from University College London in 2014. Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cell therapies have been shown to be effective in some haematological malignancies and may have wide applications as a cancer treatment, with the potential for cure in some patients.

A leader in T-cell programming and manufacturing technology, Autolus works in partnership with physicians and other healthcare providers to extract immune cells from patients, equip them with a receptor that targets the cancer cell and infuse them back into the patient in order to develop therapies which they believe will offer cancer patients substantial benefits over the existing standard of care.


Investment thesis

  • ­Syncona believes obe-cel has a differentiated safety profile and improved persistence to address limitations of current T cell therapies

  • AUTO4 targeting T-cell lymphoma, a setting where there are currently no approved T cell therapies and substantial unmet clinical needs

Unmet medical need:

  • In lead programme of obe-cel, only 30-40% of patients with aALL achieve long term remission with combination chemotherapy, the current standard of care*

Market Opportunity*

  • 8,400 patients p.a. in lead programme of aALL (estimated new patients globally diagnosed per annum)
  • Estimated 3,000 relapsed / refractory ALL patients in EU / US

Key risks**

  • Highly competitive environment
  • Differentiated product requirement 
  • Complex manufacturing and supply chain

*Autolus corporate presentation 

Key risks are Syncona team view

The Autolus pipeline

Research Pre-clinical Clinical
  • obe-cel / aALL

  • AUTO4 - T cell Lymphoma

  • AUTO 1/22 -pALL

  • obe-cel - B-NHL

  • obe-cel - PCNSL

Syncona team

Martin Murphy

Martin Murphy

Martin is Chair of Syncona Investment Management Ltd. He co-founded Syncona in 2012 alongside The Wellcome Trust. Since then, Martin has been closely involved in the foundation and development of multiple Syncona companies, including: Achilles Therapeutics, Autolus Therapeutics, OMass Therapeutics, Quell Therapeutics, Anaveon, Resolution Therapeutics, and Clade Therapeutics. He is Chairman of Quel…
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Autolus leaders and founders

Dr Christian Itin

Dr Christian Itin

Chief Executive Officer
Dr Martin Pule

Dr Martin Pule

Senior Vice President, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Autolus publications & presentations

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Autolus Corporate Presentation - March 2023

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Autolus Corporate Presentation - January 2023

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Autolus Corporate Presentation - August 2022

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Autolus Corporate Presentation - June 2022

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