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Dr Ton Schumacher 
Dr Carsten Linnemann
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Raised (Syncona co-led) from a Series A financing in 2020

Unless stated all financials at 30 June 2021

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Neogene is developing a process to manufacture a wholly personalised autologous product employing engineered neoantigen-specific T cells.

Neogene, a Netherlands based company, was founded in 2018, based on the work of Dr Ton Schumacher, a leading cancer immunologist, and Dr Carsten Linnemann who was previously associate director of next generation T cell therapy at Kite Pharma. In 2020 Syncona co-led the $110m Series A financing round, committing $19m. 

The company’s engineered T cells target mutated proteins, or neo-antigens, found in cancer cells as a consequence of cancer-associated DNA mutations. Neo-antigens render tumor cells vulnerable to detection by T cells. Neogene’s proprietary technology platform aims to identify TCR genes with specificity for neo-antigens from tumor biopsies. Neogene’s novel approach intends to deliver a tailored set of TCR genes for each individual patient, which will be engineered into patient-derived T cells directing them toward neo-antigens in tumor cells, with the goal of providing a fully personalized engineered T cell therapy for cancer.


Investment opportunity

  • The company is developing an engineered T Cell Receptor (TCR) therapeutic approach for solid tumours based on a patient’s own neoantigens (personalised autologous cell therapy)

Unmet medical need

  • Limited treatment options for patients with advanced solid tumours that have progressed through first line therapies.

Market opportunity

  • The company has not yet announced its target indications within the solid tumour field

Key risks

  • Complex manufacturing
  • Complex early stage technology 
  • Highly competitive field

Syncona team

Martin Murphy

Martin Murphy

Martin is Chief Executive Officer of Syncona Investment Management Ltd. He co-founded Syncona in 2012 alongside The Wellcome Trust. Since then, Martin has been closely involved in the foundation and development of seven Syncona companies, including: Achilles Therapeutics, Autolus, OMass Therapeutics, Quell Therapeutics, Anaveon and Resolution Therapeutics. He is Chairman of Quell and Anaveon and i…
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Board member
Magdalena Jonikas

Magdalena Jonikas

Magdalena is a Partner of Syncona Investment Management Ltd. She is a Director on the Board of OMass Therapeutics. Previously, she was an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company where she specialised in pharmaceuticals Research & Development, portfolio management and Business Development and Licensing. Magdalena holds a PhD in Bioengineering from Stanford University and was a postdoctoral…
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Elisa Petris

Elisa Petris

Elisa is a Partner of Syncona Investment Management Ltd. She is a Director on the Board of Quell Therapeutics and was previously on the Board of former portfolio company Blue Earth Diagnostics. She was closely involved in the foundation of both Quell and Blue Earth, including their operational and strategic set-up. Previously, she was a Senior Associate at Michel Dyens & Co. working on transac…
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