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Resolution is developing macrophage cell therapies to repair inflammatory organ damage.

Syncona co-founded Resolution following a two year collaboration with researchers at the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service.

Resolution is developing macrophage cell therapies to repair inflammatory organ damage, including treatment of end-stage chronic liver disease. Macrophages are cells of the innate immune system which orchestrate the body’s defence against infection and injury; the company is built upon more than a decade of work in the Founders’ laboratories characterising the role of macrophages in organ repair, including the liver, both in the pre-clinical and clinical settings.

Investment opportunity

  • An opportunity to create the leading inflammation-focused macrophage cell therapy business, focusing initially on treatment of liver cirrhosis. The goal is to repair the livers of patients sufficiently to reduce the risk of decompensation. Future opportunity lies in lung and kidney repair in chronic fibrotic disease.

Unmet medical need

  • Chronic inflammatory organ damage represents a major burden to patients. If left untreated, liver cirrhosis will often progress to decompensation through significant loss of liver function. Today there are no efficacious treatments to prevent deterioration in the latter stages of the disease, thus leaving costly and burdensome liver transplantation often as the only option.

Market opportunity

  • New diagnoses of liver cirrhosis affect hundreds of individuals per million of population. Factoring in typical progression rates, tens of thousands of patients would be eligible each year for treatment with macrophage cell therapy in Western countries alone. The entire chronic inflammatory organ damage opportunity is even larger.

Key risks

  • Highly innovative concept in an emerging space
  • Future competition 

Syncona team

Martin Murphy

Martin Murphy

Martin is Chief Executive Officer of Syncona Investment Management Ltd. He co-founded Syncona in 2012 alongside The Wellcome Trust. Since then, Martin has been closely involved in the foundation and development of seven Syncona companies, including: Achilles Therapeutics, Autolus, OMass Therapeutics, Quell Therapeutics, Anaveon, Resolution Therapeutics and Clade Therapeutics. He is Chairman of Que…
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Board member
Gonzalo Garcia

Gonzalo Garcia

Gonzalo is a Partner of Syncona Investment Management Ltd. He is currently also Chief of Staff at Resolution Therapeutics and serves an Observer on the Board. Previously, Gonzalo was a Project Leader at Boston Consulting Group where, amongst other responsibilities, he supported clients in the biopharmaceuticals industry across the entire value chain. Gonzalo has an interdisciplinary background, in…
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Chief of Staff and Board observer
Edward Hodgkin

Edward Hodgkin

Edward Hodgkin is a Partner of Syncona Investment Management Ltd. He is currently Chairman & CEO of Resolution Therapeutics and Chairman of OMass Therapeutics, and was previously the first CEO and a board member of Autolus Therapeutics (NASDAQ:AUTL). Within the Syncona life science team, he is involved in creation of new businesses and then fills executive roles within those companies to make…
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