Syncona's approach to charity

The largest part of our donations goes to the Foundation, which supports a range of other charities, the majority of which focus on seeking treatments for, or supporting, patients with disease. The Foundation’s support extends beyond funding these charities and includes networking and helping to form links and support wider fundraising efforts. The remainder goes to the ICR, one of the world’s most influential cancer research organisations, dedicated to finding cures for cancer.

In 2019/2020 we carried out a review of our donations. As a result we decided to increase the funding provided from 0.3 per cent of NAV to 0.35 per cent of NAV for three years. We have donated £4.6 million this year, bringing our total donations to date since 2012 to more than £31.7 million. The additional donation will go to the Foundation and allow them to increase their capacity to support their network of charities. We also intend, after our 2022 donations, to move to directly funding only the Foundation. The Foundation already has a long-standing relationship with the ICR and so that relationship will continue. Focusing our donation on the Foundation will let it take a holistic view of the opportunities available to maximise the impact of our funding.

We are proud of our efforts in this important area and look forward to continuing to increase the impact our funding can have on seeking treatments for, or supporting, patients with disease.