Building the next generation of global leaders in life science

We do this by founding, building and funding companies to turn exceptional science into transformational treatments for patients in areas of high unmet need.

We focus on developing treatments for patients by working in close partnership with world-class academic founders and management teams.

Our balance sheet underpins our strategy enabling us to take a long-term view as we look to improve the lives of patients with no or few treatment options, build sustainable life science companies and deliver strong risk-adjusted returns to shareholders.


We proactively source globally competitive science, leveraging the UK and Europe’s competitive scientific research base. We focus on products that move the needle for patients: dramatic efficacy in areas of high unmet need. We select products a small biotech can credibly take to market.


We utilise our expertise and track record leveraging Syncona’s platform to drive success. We take long term decisions consistent with a company taking products to market independently and we attract world class management teams.


We fund our portfolio companies ambitiously, maintaining significant ownership positions as our companies scale.  

Our significant ownership positions provide strategic influence and give us flexibility and control to drive value.

Commercialising exceptional science

We take a long-term approach to building leading life science companies, focusing on maximising value through the cycle. Our fundamental view is that value creation in life science comes by taking products into late development, product approval and in some cases beyond.

We focus on building companies which can achieve this, ideally with multiple products, through our strategy of founding companies around exceptional science with the ability to deliver dramatic efficacy, building globally leading healthcare businesses, and funding them ambitiously to build scale while maintaining significant ownership stakes to the point of product approval.  

Our strategic drivers underpin our strategy. These are themes which are core to what we do and enable us to deliver value over the long term.

Syncona is well positioned to benefit from broader economic and societal trends, with the importance of life sciences innovation also becoming increasingly evident globally throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more about this in our Annual Report.

Our strategic drivers underpin our strategy

UK/Europe has a globally significant scientific research base; historically underserved by long-term growth funding

The Syncona team brings deep investment, scientific and relevant operational expertise

Strong balance sheet allows us to provide long-term funding

Setting companies up to take products to approval can deliver the best risk adjusted returns

Genomics revolution has created new opportunities for stand-alone biotechnology companies

Advent of the Third Wave of Healthcare

New regulatory models enable stand-alone biotechnology companies to develop and commercialise new technologies