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iOnctura is a clinical-stage oncology company developing innovative therapies for neglected and hard-to-treat cancers.

iOnctura is pioneering oral small molecule therapies that maximise anti-tumour efficacy whilst prioritising patient safety. The company has a platform of precision targeted first-in-class, safe, oral small molecule immunotherapies for oncology. It’s lead candidate, roginolisib, is a first-in-class allosteric modulator of PI3K delta (PI3Kδ), which has potential application across a variety of solid tumour and haematological cancers.

PI3Ks are enzymes that help to control growth in cells and are commonly involved in cancer. The biopharma industry has long tried to harness this mechanism for the treatment of cancer but previous generations of PI3K inhibitors have often targeted many PI3K sub-types and, as a result, have high toxicity. Roginolisib is highly differentiated as the first allosteric modulator of PI3Kδ. This affords high selectivity and specific targeting of only the delta isoform.

Roginolisib has the potential to become the first successful, clinically meaningful therapy to target this critical PI3Kδ cancer mechanism. To date roginolisib has demonstrated long-term safety and efficacy in a Phase Ib clinical trial for metastatic uveal melanoma, a rare cancer of the eye where patients have very limited treatment options.

In 2024 Syncona led a €30 million (£25.7 million) as part of a €80 million (£68.4 million) Series B financing. Syncona is working with the company to explore the breadth of roginolisib’s potential utility. 

Investment thesis

  • iOnctura represented an opportunity to invest in a clinical-stage company that has published promising emerging data to date

  • Opportunity to drive lead programme through late-stage clinical development

  • The PI3K signalling pathway is one of the most commonly dysregulated pathways in cancer

  • iOnctura’s lead programme, roginolisib, is a first-in-class, highly selective allosteric inhibitor of PI3Kδ, with a unique chemical structure and binding mode

  • The Syncona team has worked closely alongside iOnctura to consider the broader application of roginolisib across a variety of solid tumours

Unmet medical need

  • Approximately 50% of patients with uveal melanoma are thought to die within 10 years after diagnosis1

  • Once metastasised (50% of patients) overall survival of uveal melanoma patients drops to less than 6 months2

Market opportunity

  • Over 7,000 new cases of uveal melanoma annually3



3 GLOBOCAN 2020.

The iOnctura pipeline

Best ideas Pre-clinical Clinical Late Clinical BLA
  • Roginolisib – Uveal melanoma

  • Roginolisib – NSCLC and myelofibrosis

  • IOA-289 – Pancreatic cancer

Syncona team

Roel Bulthuis

Roel Bulthuis

Roel Bulthuis is Managing Partner, Head of Investments of Syncona Investment Management Limited Roel is currently a Managing Partner at Syncona, where he manages the investment team and utilises more than 20 years of life science venture capital, business development and investment banking experience to help Syncona deliver value through the investment cycle. He is a Board member of iOnctura and A…
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Board member
Alice Renard

Alice Renard

Alice is an Investment Partner of Syncona Investment Management Ltd. She is also currently Head of Operations at Purespring Therapeutics and works closely with Anaveon. Alice is a Board member of iOnctura and Forcefield, and serves as an Observer on the Boards of Purespring and Anaveon. Prior to joining Syncona, Alice was an Investment Banking Analyst within Barclays’ Healthcare Corporate Finance…
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Board member

iOnctura leaders and founders

Catherine Pickering

Catherine Pickering

Co-Founder, CEO
Lars van Der Veen

Lars van Der Veen

Co-Founder, CSO

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