We believe Syncona’s vision of delivering transformational treatments for patients is a positive and sustainable one, and that a responsible approach to growing and managing this portfolio will add value to our businesses.

Developing transformational treatments for patients in areas of high unmet need is at the core of our strategy. We seek to succeed by building businesses that will make a real impact on health and well-being.

Across our portfolio we are seeking to stop different types of cancer, prevent blindness, cure life-long diseases like haemophilia and find treatments for other illnesses that prevent people living their lives to the full. We hope to be able to address these diseases with new technologies which directly contribute to patient health and help benefit the healthcare system as a whole.

We aim to run our business in a sustainable way, recognising that we are active stewards of our portfolio with the opportunity to drive positive impact.

Our plans

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) issues are important to us and we are seeking to do more in this area. We are currently focused on reviewing, formalising and communicating our approach.

In 2021, we intend to provide more detail and identify any areas where we can improve our practices in future. To do this, we are currently working with a leading advisory firm in the ESG space to undertake an exercise to complete a materiality assessment of the most important sustainability issues to our business.

We will be seeking input from external stakeholders into this process as well as bench-marking it against a range of relevant global frameworks which guide best practice.