Gyroscope Therapeutics led consortium secures INNOVATE UK funding to develop a suspension platform for cost effective manufacture of novel AAV gene therapies

Gyroscope Therapeutics (Gyroscope) and Freeline Therapeutics (Freeline) are partnering with two research organisations, NHSBT's Clinical Biotechnology Centre (CBC) and the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), to develop and design a manufacturing platform to produce novel (adeno-associated virus) AAV gene therapies. The consortium has been awarded £1.1m funding by Innovate UK over a period of 2 years.


This funding is a great endorsement of the work currently being undertaken at Gyroscope and Freeline and will help the companies as they continue to develop a shared scalable suspension platform for cost effective manufacture of novel AAV gene therapies. Establishing a fully integrated AAV gene therapy platform is key to ensuring rapid and secure manufacture of clinical supplies and commercial product. Gyroscope and Freeline were complimented on the application which was viewed as a “very high-quality application” and specifically, “a very good application from 2 therapeutic companies coming together.”

Ultimately, the successful outcome will address a significant manufacturing challenge for gene therapies, strengthen the UK position as a leader in scientific innovation, offer scope for investment and employment into UK Pharmaceutical manufacturing and bring healthcare benefits to patients.

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