The Syncona Foundation was set up in 2012 with charitable objectives focusing on the prevention, treatment, cure and ultimately eradication of cancer and other diseases, as well as other charitable activities.

Each year, Syncona provides a significant level of philanthropic funding to the two charities it supports, The Syncona Foundation and The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), charities which have ambitions aligned to our vision to deliver transformational treatments for patients and through which we believe we contribute to the wider healthcare ecosystem. 2021/2 will be the final year in which the two charities will be funded separately, with donations to the ICR from 2023 onwards to be made through the Foundation. Focusing all our donations via the Foundation will enable a more holistic view of the charities that can benefit from our support and will maximise the impact of our funding.

We will donate £4.2m to charity in the 2021/2 financial year, bringing our total donations since 2012 to £40.6m. Click on each of the charities below to see the great work that is undertaken by each of the Syncona Foundation's partners.