The Egmont Trust works across six countries in sub-Saharan Africa to help vulnerable children cope with the devastating impact of HIV & AIDS on families and communities. The hallmark of the Egmont Trust is that it works with credible, locally driven grassroots organisations, who are best placed to know what works to mitigate the impact of HIV & AIDS. Projects that are driven by local people, who know what works for their communities and have lived through the impact of the epidemic are able to bring about the most cost-effective and powerful results.

We work with a portfolio of over 50 grassroots Partners. Our Partners’ community-owned and locally-led projects reach more than 80,000 people each year, achieving tangible improvements in child nutrition, health, and access to education while helping to prevent further HIV infections.

Syncona has helped us to grow as an organisation

  • Since 2013, The Syncona Foundation has been one of Egmont’s most generous supporters and has enabled us to expand our portfolio from 27 Partners to over 50, more than doubling the number of people helped each year to over 80,000.
  • Syncona’s funding to us is unrestricted, helping us to cover our core costs and keep our ‘100% Funding Promise’ of directing all public donations to projects in Africa.
  • Syncona’s commitment has given us the confidence to invest and grow. Since support first began our income has more than trebled to £1.8M.
  • One of the key principals of Egmont is that our Partners have the greatest knowledge of how to solve the challenges that they face in sub-Saharan Africa. Syncona’s unrestricted funding allows Egmont to be flexible and creative with our Partners, funding innovative solutions to the HIV crisis.
  • We have secured additional staff in Zimbabwe and Zambia, providing oversight and support to our Partners and their projects.

Syncona’s impact on Egmont’s future plans

Since Syncona’s support began, we have developed our grant structure and organisational strategy; consolidating our portfolio at 50+ Partners and launching our Strategic Grant facility. The Strategic Grants direct more funding to initiatives that are achieving consistently bigger results, enabling them to reach out to even more children affected by HIV & AIDS.

Over the next three years, we plan to move more of our exemplary, top-performing Partners up our grant structure to Strategic Grant level while seeking newer, innovative projects to refresh our portfolio. This ensures Egmont is continually achieving the most for our investors, while providing life changing improvements for children that stay relevant to the evolving impact of the AIDS epidemic.


From a child helped back into school by an Egmont Partner:

“This aid has brought peace of mind in me such that I don’t fear my teacher as before, because my name is on the list of those who paid school fees. After completing my education successfully, I want to be a nurse and I will try very hard until I finish my education.”

Grace from Malawi

From a rural clinician using a mobile application to speak with health professionals in the UK as part of an Egmont project:

“I started using the application two months ago, and I have acquired a lot of information and knowledge on how to handle some conditions. It’s really helping me serve patients better from the advice I get and that has reduced the number of patients needing to be referred elsewhere.”

Thresa Chembe from Zambia

From an Egmont Partner:

“We have been able to expand our operations and reach many more communities than before thanks to Egmont’s increased support. We have seen husband and wives openly discussing HIV and going for testing, something which was viewed as impossible before.”

Francis Lemoile, SAFE Samburu Project Manager from Kenya

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