The Syncona Foundation

The Syncona Foundation was set up in 2012 with charitable objectives focusing on the prevention, treatment, cure and ultimately eradication of cancer and other diseases, as well as other charitable activities. Since that time, we have donated over £31 million to charities which are having a significant impact across the UK and throughout the world. The Foundation is independent from Syncona but closely aligned with its aim of transforming the lives of patients and we sincerely thank the Board of Syncona Ltd and the team at SIML for their continuing support.

Today, we are proud to provide funding to 26 core charities, some details of which can be found on these pages. The Foundation typically aims to provide grants over a number of consecutive years and without any restrictions on what our funding can be used for. This is important for our charities as it allows them to plan their medium-term strategies with the security of having recurring income, and allows them to deploy the funding into the places they know really need it. This has proven all the more important in 2020 as many of our charities and their stakeholders have been impacted by the fallout from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our core focus is on charities working in cancer, neurodegenerative disease and gene therapy, supporting patients through their condition and funding research into new solutions. We do have flexibility to support other charities where we believe there is a high level of impact from the work the charity does. We aim to support charities with strong leadership and with an entrepreneurial approach to delivering impact; we seek to build close partnerships with those charities, helping them to make connections and increase the impact they can have.

We source charities to support through our own research; we do not seek or consider unsolicited grant applications, and accordingly would respectfully ask that these are not sent to us.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to share in the future growth of Syncona and we are particularly focused on increasing the impact our funding can have for patients with health conditions. We look forward to working with our current and new charity partners to deliver greater support.