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Raised in Series B in November 2021

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Quell Therapeutics was founded with the aim of developing engineered T regulatory (Treg) cell therapies. Tregs are a subset of T cells with the potential to downregulate the immune system.

Quell was founded in partnership with six prominent immunological experts from King’s College London, University College London and Hannover Medical School, and is led by Iain McGill, a seasoned pharmaceutical and biotech executive.

Tregs are capable of down regulating the immune system by ‘putting on a brake’ to prevent over activation and resultant pathological immune responses.

Quell is employing proprietary and innovative technologies to genetically enhance Tregs, to target them to particular sites within the body, for example to the liver in their lead programme in liver transplantation. These engineered Tregs have the potential to control unwanted immune activity which may enable the treatment of patients with autoimmune and inflammatory disease as well as the potential to prevent organ rejection without taking immunosuppressive medication; making transplantation the full cure it was always intended to be.

Investment thesis

  • Potential pipeline to treat serious, chronic conditions mediated by the immune system
  • Potential to be first-in-class in CAR Tregs; an early mover in the space

Unmet medical need

  • Current standard of care for prevention of solid organ transplant rejection is life-long immunosuppression which results in an array of serious long-term side effects, such as kidney toxicity, infections and cancer, significantly impacting patient quality of life*

Market opportunity

  • 15,000 liver transplants p.a across US and Europe** 

* https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/clinical-investigation-immunosuppressants-solid-organ-transplantation 

** Source: OPTN/SRTR 2016 Annual Data report: Liver; EDQM Volume 20 2015 

The Quell Therapeutics pipeline

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  • QEL-001 - liver transplant

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Elisa Petris

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