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Professor Moin Saleem Professor Mauro Giacca
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Raised in a Series A in November 2020

Unless stated all financials at 31 December 2021

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Purespring seeks to advance gene therapies for the treatment of chronic renal diseases that are currently poorly addressed with existing treatments.

Purespring is one of the first AAV gene therapy companies focused on the kidney globally and will seek to treat a number of debilitating chronic diseases that are currently poorly addressed with existing therapies. It has been founded around the seminal work of Professor Moin Saleem, Head of Bristol Renal where he heads a world leading group researching glomerular diseases.

Purespring has also established an in-vivo functional screening platform, FunSel, to initially screen for protective factors that could have applications across several kidney diseases. FunSel has been developed by Professor Mauro Giacca, a leader in gene therapy of cardiovascular disorders, and provides Purespring with a target discovery platform uniquely suited to systematically move gene therapy beyond monogenic disorders.

Investment opportunity

  • Opportunity to take a global lead in renal gene therapy

Unmet medical need

  • A number of chronic kidney diseases are poorly addressed by existing therapies, which are primarily based around the lowering of blood pressure and often progressing to dialysis and kidney transplantation.
  • Purespring is developing disease modifying therapies for a number of monogenic and non-monogenic kidney diseases

Market opportunity

  • Opportunity encompasses rare monogenic diseases, as well as much more prevalent common forms of kidney disease.

Key risks

  • Highly innovative concept in emerging space

The Purespring Therapeutics pipeline

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  • Undisclosed programme

Syncona team

Chris Hollowood

Chris Hollowood

Chris is the Chief Investment Officer of Syncona Investment Management Ltd. He has been instrumental in the foundation and development of Syncona's gene therapy strategy, where it has founded companies focused on the eye, the liver, the kidney, and central nervous system. He is Chairman of Freeline, SwanBio and Purespring and was also previously Chairman of retinal gene therapies Nightstar, which…
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Alice Renard

Alice Renard

Alice is a Partner of Syncona Investment Management Ltd. She is also currently Head of Operations at Purespring Therapeutics and works closely with Anaveon. Alice serves as an Observer on the Board of Purespring and Anaveon. Prior to joining Syncona, Alice was an Investment Banking Analyst within Barclays’ Healthcare Corporate Finance and M&A team, where she worked on transactions involving ph…
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Purespring Therapeutics leaders and founders

Richard Francis

Richard Francis

Chief Executive Officer
Moin Saleem

Moin Saleem


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