Our investment process

Creating new companies and a long-term funding approach

Syncona’s differentiated approach to company creation provides us with a proprietary pipeline of opportunities.

Company creation for us starts by talking to leading academics developing highly innovative science and IP.

Our team’s background in basic science, clinical development and commercialisation enables a holistic understanding of the opportunity and enables us to bring the commercial vision to form a company that can take a product to market and patients.

We take a proactive approach to seeking out scientists from leading universities and then conduct rigorous due diligence to identify the range of key risks and opportunities.

We ask ourselves the following key questions:

Underpinned by our disciplined investment approach

  • Investment Committee assessment of capital invested across the portfolio to ensure it remains diversified and well balanced
  • Assess probability of success for the product’s approval, taking into account benchmarks if relevant or appropriate
  • Write business plan and develop strategy for building out team and operational capability
  • Analyse competitive landscape
  • Assess the long-term capital requirements, key risks and value inflection points
  • Undertake rigorous returns analysis
  • Analyse all academic literature and data available