Building long-term sustainable value

We are focused on maximising value at all points of the investment cycle to deliver transformational treatments to patients, capture superior risk-adjusted returns for shareholders and build long-term value for stakeholders.

Our model is to create businesses around exceptional science in areas of high unmet medical need, where there is the potential to deliver a transformational impact to patients.

We are setting up companies to have the capability of taking products through to approval.

We then identify and appoint world class management teams to drive the business plan, and take a hands-on approach to driving value, including operational roles and Board seats.

Our deep pool of capital is fundamental to our model, it enables us to set up companies with ambition of taking products to market and to fund them over the long term, giving us the flexibility to be a significant shareholder at the point of product approval.

Please note that the image below includes reference to targets that have since been updated.

Rolling 10-year targets


Portfolio of leading life science companies


3-5 companies to the point of product approval


New companies founded per year