Found, Build and Fund

Syncona’s Chief Executive, Martin Murphy and Syncona Partner, Elisa Petris describe Syncona’s strategy to Found, Build and Fund global leaders in life science.


Syncona’s strategy is to found, build and fund successful, scalable, sustainable businesses capable of being global leaders in healthcare to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns for shareholders. We take a long term approach to working in partnership with the founders and management teams of our companies with a view to accessing the value available at the point of marketed product when treatments are delivered to patients.

“Science is at the heart of all Syncona companies. We spend a lot of time really understanding the science and then work with the founders to write our business plan”

Dr Elisa Petris
Partner, Syncona

Our focus on delivering fully integrated businesses capable of taking their products to market means we tend to operate in selective areas where the potential for dramatic efficacy is high, for example in intractable diseases with no treatment options, where a relatively small clinical trial is required. Our strategic capital pool enables us to set up our businesses for success over the long-term and gives us the capability to fund them over the long-term on a risk-adjusted basis.

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